Excited to share my guest experiences from the most recent Living in Alignment Women’s Ayurveda & Self Care Retreat in South India.

Imagine getting away on YOUR OWN for a 10 day Women’s Wellness Retreat to the majestical mountains of Kerala, South India.

During this Women’s Wellness Retreat you will experience the Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda & Yoga in their homeland.

You will journey deep within to reset your inner compass and bring your focus back to RADICAL Self Care.

The Living in Alignment Women’s Ayurveda & Self Care Retreat will empower you with simple and practical lifestyle tools for optimum wellbeing.

You will experience a lovingly curated retreat designed to help you deepen your body, mind and spirit connection through Ayurveda & Self Care rituals.

Learn to live in greater alignment by harmonising your inner and outer worlds whilst being pampered and nourished inside and out!

This retreat is for women who value self growth and desire to invite in more regular Self Care in order to live more happy, healthy and awakened lives.

More Information on this Retreat –> http://belindaodea.com/womens-ayurveda…/

Next Dates –> October 15 – 24, 2018

Yoga, Travel & Wellness with Belinda O’Dea is a Women’s only Yoga Holiday & Retreat brand specialising in boutique & luxury experiences in India & Japan.

For more information on what Yoga, Travel & Wellness has to offer please visit http://belindaodea.com or email info@belindaodea.com

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