The Paths of Yoga

The beauty of yogic teachings is that a yogi is free to think, to rationalize, to feel and then choose a path according to one’s own choice. In today’s India, there are 33 million Indian gods, millions of techniques and thousands of schools – all of them aiming for the same goal and existing side by side. Even now, one can hear the new styles of yoga being invented every other day – of course; they are mostly from the West. However, all the paths of can be classified under four broad categories: 1. Jnana Yoga: Yoga of Wisdom – the path of intellectual philosophy and non-dualism. 2. Bhakti Yoga: Yoga of Love – the path of devotion to a divine personality and dualism. 3. Karma Yoga: Yoga of Action – the path to spiritualize our day to day life with selflessness. 4. Raja Yoga: Yoga of Meditation – the path of mastering the mind and mystical experiences. It must be realised that there are no clear cut boundaries between these various paths and one is free to blend the practices and philosophy of the others; effectively all paths have the same goal and yogi is free to practice or experiment with any number of paths at one time.

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