Manas (mind)


According to our concept it is the knowledge that is inherited through civilizations, from our parents, friends, society, teachers, education etc. All these factors one or other way are responsible for stage wise development of mind. The learning process, what we felt and still feeling, what we learned and still learning requires an object sense organs and a place to get it either analyzed or synthesized. Manas is the place where analyzing or synthesizing of the perceptual forms derived from the indriyas (sensory organs) into conceptual images. The mind has three Gunas, viz., Sattva (light, bliss, goodness), Rajas (passion, motion) and Tamas (inertia, darkness).By balancing these three gunas one can gain control over one’s mind. One can achieve this mind balance through the simple and effective methods of balanced life style diet along with yoga. Our Yoga is based on Ashtangas or the eight stages ‘Yama’, ‘Niyama’, ‘asana’, ‘Pranayama’, ‘Dhyana’, ‘Dharana’, Pratyhara’ and ‘Samadhi’. Stage wise learning and practice of ‘Ashtangas’ transform the body and mind into the next level.

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