Malas (the metabolic wastes)


These are the waste matters which are produced after the digestion in the body, that is after digestion at the gastric, intestinal and tissue levels. The malas as been classified as ‘Sweda’ (sweat), ‘Moothra’ (urine), and ‘Pureesha’ (faces). It has to be expelled from the body in a correct manner. Any physical or psychological changes affect the proper expulsion and leads to manifestation of various ailments. ‘Panchakrma’ treatment acts in the deeper cellular level and expels out the unnecessary wastes and maintains the balance of the body. So, in the treatment programme we include ‘Panachakarma Programme’ for balancing ‘dosha’, ‘dathu’, and ‘mala’. And there by balancing physiological functioning of body (‘shareera’), sensory organs (“Indriya’), through life style diet (which is planned for balancing ‘doshas’) and treatments. Treatment includes monsoon treatment programme.

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