Dhatus (The whole Tissue System)


Dhatus are basically the body tissues which are responsible for the functioning of the systems and organs and the structure of the body. Our body mainly consists of seven Dathus, that is ‘Rasa’ (the essence of digested food), ‘Raktha’ (the blood tissue), ‘mamsa’ (the whole masculine organs), ‘medas’ (adipose tissue or soft tissue), ‘Asthi’ (skeletal tissue or hard structures), ‘Majja’ (the marrow tissue) and ‘Sukra’ (the reproductive tissue). Formation of all tissues, its nourishment and balanced functioning depends on ‘agni’ (the digestive mechanism of body). Balancing of ‘Agni’ according to individual’s age constitution and mental status can be gained through proper diet and meditation after the ‘Panchakarma’. The result is proper immune mechanism of the body.

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