Ayurvedic Treatment for Depression

Depression is a very common mental disorder attacking millions of people every year worldwide. This is a major cause for suicide ever. Ayurveda has a very effective holistic approach towards mental illnesses. Ayurvedic way of treating depression is not just by medicinal chemical intervention. Ayurveda focuses into the reasons of depression.

The condition is described in all major treatises of ayurveda. The general ayurvedic curative approach is by balancing of fundamentals of health. There can be various reasons for depression. Though the major reason explained in the modern medicine as lowered levels of neurotransmitter ‘serotonin’, ayurveda looks into the reason why such an imbalance develops in a person.

It can be because of kshaya of ojus, imbalance of prana vata or imbalance of kapha. A comprehensive mode of treatment including internal administration of medicine, practice of yoga, pranayama, chanting, rituals, practice of healthy ayurvedeic lifestyle , food habits and counseling  is the real solution to overcome  depression. Our peaceful environment in the silent mountain with all the above modalities is the most ideal to get rid of depression. Depends on severity and chronicity of the condition minimum 21 to 90 days is required for the treatment.

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